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You can also reach people who do not have a Smartphone or App.
Columbia 2.9 ct./Min.
Egypt 6.9 ct./Min.
Indien 1 ct./Min.
Iran 8.9 ct./Min.
Nigeria 7.9 ct./Min.
Pakistan 3.8 ct./Min.
Poland 1.2 ct./Min.
Romania 0.99 ct./Min.
Thailand 0.99 ct./Min.
Turkey 2.5 ct./Min.
Ukraine 10 ct./Min.
USA 0.99 ct./Min.
Vietnam 5.9 ct./Min.

*Rates in mobile networks may be higher.

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Three simple steps

To use ClouFON, perform the following steps

Register with your Mobile Number

You will receive a text message with a confirmation code, enter it in the ClouFON App.


Talk to your friends, relatives or even for business.

ClouFON Out benefits

Your call partner does not need a smartphone or app.
You can also call people on their mobile phone or fixed line telephone.
Make worldwide calls without roaming charges for outgoing connections.

You don`t need an additional SIM card. Regardless of whether you use a mobile phone with contract or prepaid cell phone. ClouFON provides an inexpensive addition to your regular mobile operator without affecting your existing mobile phone contract. To use ClouFON your smartphone must be connected only to the internet.
You can easy delete the ClouFON application on your smartphone at any time to terminate the service. Simple cost control based on your prepaid account. Rate announcement before every call.
ClouFON has no monthly- or annual fees. There are no connection- or recurring minimum fees.

Worldwide ClouFON Out Rates*

Country Rates (€)
Columbia 0.0290
Egypt 0.0690
Indien 0.0100
Iran 0.0890
Nigeria 0.0790
Pakistan 0.0380
Poland 0.0120
Romania 0.0099
Thailand 0.0099
Turkey 0.0250
Ukraine 0.1000
USA 0.0099
Vietnam 0.0590
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