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ClouFON is a service that allows you to make phone calls from your Smartphone at low rates / fixed rates, without additional contract. To use the service, your Smartphone must be connected to the internet
No, ClouFON have no contract terms. You can delete the ClouFON application at any time, to terminate the service of ClouFON. Please note, that you have already exhausted your credit. Existing remaining balance can not be refunded in this case
You need a Smartphone with an IOS operating system (iPhone, iPad, iPod) or Android operating system (eg. Samsung, HTC etc.).
No, regardless of whether you use a mobile phone contract or prepaid cell phone, you can turn your phone into a ClouFON. ClouFON provides an inexpensive addition to your regular mobile operator without affecting your existing mobile phone contract.
For a detailed guide on what you need to set on your Smartphone, Apple Android .
To use ClouFON, your Smartphone must be connected to the internet, this can be a WiFi, 3G or 4G network.
No, you only call on ClouFON, if you use the ClouFON application, you choose when you use ClouFON.
Yes, if you are not home, you can use ClouFON over the 3G or 4G network of your mobile operator, if it is permitted to use Voice over IP (VOIP) services, or through any WiFi network.
If you are located abroad, you can use the service via a WiFi access (eg. Hotel / HotSpot). Alternatively, you can use the service via a local mobile operator, please note that additional data roaming costs may occur.
- Use a WiFi network, no additional roaming charges apply.
- Use a SIM card from the country, where you are located. No additional roaming charges apply.
No matter where you are in the world, with ClouFON you always call for the same price. The phone rates in the country remain the same regardless from where you are calling.
The current ClouFON telephone rates can be viewed here. Please note that you must have access to the internet. To get the costs, please contact the provider who will provide access to the internet.
The billing is on a previously paid fund. Under "My Account" you can login with your username and password and view your balance or top up your account. Before you login, you must have registered for free with us, you can register here.
Under "My Account" you can login with your username and password to view your remaining balance. Alternatively, dial #100* from your ClouFON application, you will receive a message with your remaining balance, this message is free of charge. If permitted by your Smartphone, your remaining balance will appear on the display of the ClouFON application.
If you are logged in under "My Account", you can select secure payment through PayPal or “SOFORT” transfer. For “SOFORT” wire transfer your Online Banking PIN and a valid TAN is required. The paid funds will be credited to your ClouFON account instantly.
PayPal and “SOFORT” transfer are the leading providers of online payments and comply with the currently highest safety standards with SSL encryption technology.
The provider of ClouFON does not store your PayPal or bank data..
Your privacy is guaranteed with us, so we give your data not to third parties.
For questions, problems or if you have forgotten your username or password, send us an e-mail at: support@cloufon.de

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